Ayurveda as a complementary therapy

01 December 2014

introduction of a medical-scientific study on the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine as a complementary therapy for DMD (also applicable to other neuromuscular diseases such as CMT2A)

The Turin section of Mitofusin 2 Project attended the event “Treasures Of India” (8-9 November 2014) sponsored by the DMD – FRIENDS OF EMANUELE in Lainate (MI).
We would like to thank and congratulate the dott.De Liso and his colleagues for the excellent organization of the beautiful event that fascinated us with music, dancing and food from Indian tradition and the importance of the speakers among whom Prof Giacomo P.Comi from University of Milan, who introduced the progress of scientific research on this disease to us and Prof Facco from the University of Padua who spoke about relationships between Eastern and Western medicine.

The introduction of a medical-scientific study on the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine as a complementary therapy for DMD (also applicable to other neuromuscular diseases such as CMT2A) which will be held at at the Centro Dino Ferrari – Policlinico of Milan by Prof Nereo Bresolin, Scientific Director and Director of IRCCS Medea neurological Clinic of the Milan University, with the contribution of Prof Delle Fave, University of Milan, and silultaneouslyl at the Ayurvedic Hospital of Coimbatore in India by Dr Somit.

“Many experimental studies are currently underway, in order to assess potential new pharmacological approaches able to slow the evolution of the disease. None of them, however, has so far revealed full effectiveness, this is the reason why scientists are looking for different tacks. In recent years, the Ayurvedic medicine has been re-evaluated by the West as a possible complementary approach to traditional medicine for some diseases. This system of medicine, based on natural remedies and physical therapies, had its origin in India more than 5000 years ago. Fundamental principle is the maintenance of health status with a holistic approach which includes mind, body and spirit. The aim of this non-conventional medicine is to treat the disease, considering it as an imbalance among the three doshas (the main physiological factors); and to stave off that promoting the welfare state.

MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: In this study we aim to evaluate the effects of Ayurvedic therapy in a small group of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in order to: – draw a model of treatment in patients with this form of muscular dystrophy – evaluate potential benefits of the association between Ayurveda and more conventional therapy and set the scene for a randomized trial in a larger cohort of patients”

Prof Bresolin


“The ayurweda is the system of traditional medicine in India, one of the oldest in the world for development and coding. The term “Ayurveda” is deriveted from two Sanskrit words Ayus (life) and Veda (science). As the science of life, its primary goal is the promotion and maintenance of health through a range of preventive measures which involve daily hygiene, diet, lifestyle and mental discipline. Practices and remedies like:

– diet;
– preparations of herbs, animal substances and metals, administered in various forms;
– physical treatment with medicated oils;
– spiritual practices including yoga and meditation.

Among the West population, the most known aspects of Ayurveda are massages, yoga and meditation. However, they are typically used as relaxation techniques, sweetened and only vaguely related to the medical treatments”

Prof Delle Fave

We think the opportunity suggested by Prof Bresolin is very interesting. Therefore some of our patients affected by CMT2A from Mitofusin 2 are going to submit themselves to the therapy and being part of the trial. Those who are interested in participating, may contact us directly to arrange a meeting with medical specialists in Milan.

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