1st European Charcot-Marie-Tooth Specialists Conference

23 February 2023

The European Charcot-Marie-Tooth Federation (ECMTF), uniting all of the CMT advocacy groups across Europe, proposes an initiative whose ambition is to bring together all active parties to unite their efforts for the purpose of initiating and stimulating international & interdisciplinary cooperation in research on CMT.

The objective of this Conference, that will take place at Holiday Inn “Paris Bastille” in Paris on 9-10 June 2023, is to set up the foundations for a better future of CMT patients and their relatives :

  • Develop structured cooperative research to develop effective therapies
  • Inform and advise in order to avoid unnecessary late or incorrect diagnosis
  • Articulate and stimulate discussions on socio-economic issues of CMT patients

This novel approach in Europe is intended to bring together researchers, clinicians and other health professionals, with the support of patient advocacy groups, pharmaceutical labs and public partners, as key stakeholders to build a community of specialists.

For more info about the workshop click HERE.