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Welcome to the site of Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 2A disease due to mutation of the MITOFUSIN 2 protein (in the classic form of CMT 2A2 and in its clinical variants CMT V, CMTVI, AR-CMT2). It is a very rare genetic neuromuscular disease that involves the progressive loss of movement. We want to make this disease known, to find other patients to join us to form a large international group …

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Prof. Giacomo Pietro Comi, expert in diagnosis and therapy of neuromuscular diseases, as well as an authoritative member of our Scientific Committee, was elected President of the Italian Association of Myology, in the Congress held in Milan in mixed form from 1 to 4 December 2021 . AIM is a scientific society affiliated with the Italian Society of Neurology (SIN), as well as part of numerous international networks.

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This section, edited by the Department of Neurological Sciences of the University of Milan, provides scientific and medical information on CMT2A in general, specific information on its causes, the mutations identified in the Mitofusin 2 gene (see also Database) and the diagnosis. You will also find our Research Project presented

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Do you know anyone, adult or child, who has these symptoms but is not yet diagnosed? Write or call us, it is very important to know how many patients with this pathology are in order to form a large group!

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