Nereo Bresolin and contemporary neurosciences

12 Settembre 2023

On September 12, at the invitation of the Dino Ferrari Centre, we attended the Conference dedicated to Professor Nereo Bresolin that was held in the beautiful Napoleonic Hall of the University of Milan.

It was an exciting meeting full of scientific contributions at the highest level and touching memories from those who collaborated with Prof. Bresolin in his long years of career.

In the presence of the Rector Prof. Elio Franzini, the many speakers wanted to return a personal memory of the friendship and working relationship of the emeritus Professor, recognizing the value of both man and scientist.

The first speaker was Professor G. P. Comi, promoter and organizer of the Conference. After him, the specialists (Professors Angelini, Papadimitriou and Toscano, Doctor Galbiati and Prof. Delle Fave) intervened and, with a moving tone, reminded the colleague emphasizing the human side and the innovative scientific approach. In his memory and in his honor, they also held a Lectio Magistralis on the research strands of contemporary neuroscience.

After the colleagues, the moment came for the memory of the Associations of patients Professor Bresolin was the promoter and scientific director of. After Marialuisa Trussardi, president of the Association “Amici del Centro Dino Ferrari”, they brought their contribution: Alberto De Liso of the Association “Gli amici di Emanuele”, Eleonora Bartolini and Luisa Porzio for the “Progetto Mitofusina2 ” and Bruno Kullhman for the AICA- Italian Calpaina Association 3.

Everyone remembered his incessant and enthusiastic work and the fact that he was the one to believe patients should become. the main player of research. In particular, we report the passages of the moving speech of our President Eleonora Bartolini:

“The Professor gave us the greatest gift: the hope of finding a cure! He told us:we know there is no cure at the moment, but a cure is possible! This unshakeable faith in science, his optimism in carrying out such a great challenge, has become for us a reason for life, a goal we have been pursuing since then, with so much commitment, and that gives us the strength to fight every day and face daily difficulties and challenges.

He encouraged us to become active patients, protagonists of our lives, committed to supporting scientific research alongside researchers. On his initiative, after meeting with a family of Turin with the same disease, we later founded our Mitofusina 2 Project Association.

We miss Prof. Bresolina so much, we will always be extremely grateful for everything he did for us and we are sure that we will continue our activities following the path he traced and following his advice and his indications as a bright star guiding us”.

In addition, it was stressed that our journey followed the principle of the importance of “collaboration between the various associations to create synergies and have a stronger voice as a patient community” strongly desired by the Professor, that has always been close to us:

“We will always remember his look of sincere affection and participation in the difficulties of our children and patients, but also the satisfaction he knew to express for their many successes in studies, or in sports and art, of which he was proud”.

Then the interventions of other Professors, including Prof.ssa Corti, on the various research projects of neuroscience in progress, on the various pathologies studied by the team of Prof.Bresolin and his colleagues, continued. After a break for a delicious snack, the interesting interventions of various specialists and researched continued, including Dr Federica Rizzo who illustrated the research project on Mitofusina2.

Programma Convegno Nereo Bresolin