First International Conference about CMT2A

07 April 2014

The first international Conference “Mitofusin 2: Neuropathy and Mitochondrial Fusion” was a success.

This conference, entirely organized by “Association Mitofusin 2 Project”, was made in order to bring forward the latest advances in research and to promote international cooperation between scientists. Almost 150 people (patients and delegates of other Associations regarding Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease as the Italians Acmt-Rete and Aicmt, and the french Cmt-France, doctors and researchers) came from many European countries to hear 13 highly professional and specialized scientific experts talking about most important aspects of mithocondrial protein MFN2 connected to peripheral neuropathy. From United States, by teleconference, Professor Michael E. Shy showed some very significant updates.

Furthermore, the conference was a moment of deep humanity and participation.
We would like to thank Professors Nereo Bresolin and Giacomo P. Comi (University of Milan) and their team (Dr Federica Rizzo in particular for her valuable and constant contribution) for having organized the scientific part of the event; the prominent experts for their important contribution ; all participants and in particular patients with their families for coming from far away, especially all the friends from France. A special thanks to our wonderful volunteers, to the many donors who have supported us, in particular Banca Intesa Private Banking and Dr Renzo Jorio, president of Accor Hotels Italy; to the excellent interpreters and to Angelo Mascherpa, our photographer, who did a great job photographing event.

Read the summary of the Conference

Look at the Photostory

Read the summary in French language (translation by Marina Brocca)

“I believe the Conference was a great success and I was deeply touched for that. It was a great result. Thanks for all!” Prof Nereo Bresolin

“It was a great pleasure being your guest at the Conference. I truly hope it will start a new phase of collaboration among different associations as well as among different neuromuscolar centres in Italy” Dr Davide Pareyson

“It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference, the organization of which was perfect thanks to your precious job. A scientific moment which is going to become an incouragement for us to continue our studies with more and more effort” Prof Maurizio Moggio

“You proved how much you care the destiny of your parents as well as how many expectancies you have in our job. This must be a warning for all of us to collaborate together in order to reach a common scientific and human objective” Prof M.Luisa Mostacciuolo

“It was a great day thanks to your unbelievable job. It is a really good project: you have to be upbeat!” Dr Giorgia Bergamin

“Introducing your scientific experience to people who, unfortunately, knows very well the subject is a great incentive to continue your job as well as an occasion to ponder your work. I am indebted to you for that” Prof Gian Maria Fabrizi

“I am very happy for the high level of any scientific contributions. We have to trust in the consequences of ideas’ dissemination” Prof Giacomo Comi

“Thanks for the caring and faith you gave us in every occasion. It was really touching to see so many researchers, patients and relatives together for a beautiful cause” Dr Federica Rizzo

“Thanks for the great Conference and for the many opportunities you gave to us” Dr Stefania Corti

“A hope of treatment is born for patients with CMT2A (HMSN 2A). Many researchers came from everywhere around the world to better know the mithocondrial functioning” Sonia Lauth CMT France